5 Sexy Tips For When Winter Solstice Arrives – The Longest and Sexiest Night Of The Year

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then you may – or may not – know that we will officially be welcoming winter on Sunday the 22nd of December. This may fill you with dread – the mere thought of the next three months consisting of nothing but long, cold, dark and wintry days. But do not worry or despair.

I am, of course, going to let you into a little secret of how to kick start your winter season off by spending an incredible night in with your lover, on the longest night of the year! Oh my, this is going to be fun, I cannot wait!

When winter solstice


Welcoming winter is celebrated in different ways in different countries. Young Scandinavian women dress up in white robes with red sashes and wreaths of candles on their heads, walking slowly as they light their way to darkness. If it were me, I can see disaster written all over this little scenario! In Iran, this ancient Persian festival celebrates the end of shorter days and the victory of light over darkness, so candles are used throughout the night!

The way that I usually spend celebrating Winter Solstice is by not leaving my warm and cozy bed! An extra long night is best spent in bed – with your lover or favourite adult pleasure toy of course! And what better way to pay tribute to this festival by lighting scented massage oil candles, warming lube and your very own body heat to emulate the warmth of the season.

I certainly cannot think of a better way to kick off the coldest season by getting very steamy, can you?


Why not celebrate your first day of winter by lighting a candle with a difference! This gorgeous Kama Sutra Massage Candle is perfect for intimacy and relaxation. Once the candle is lit, the wax melts into the most luxurious massage oil which you can then spoon onto the body of your partner. The oil is warm and healing and the ideal way to relax and massage all of the stresses out of your partner’s body. Getting and giving a massage can be erotic, intimate and very incredibly satisfying! Highly recommended for – what is going to be – the longest night of the year!

I do not want to state the obvious here, but please do check the temperature first as I am sure you do not want to be spending Solstice in Accident and Emergency!

Kama Sutra Massage Candle


Tingletouch Dare Duel is a romantic game for couples – one of the sexiest and exciting games to play together!

Tingletouch Dare Duel

  • In this game, the Dare Duel players take turns drawing cards and selecting words or phrases to create fun and romantic dares to act out.
  • They will also be battling over who will perform the dare!
  • There are hundreds of different words and phrases to choose from and the combinations are almost endless, so this certainly makes every game unique.
  • Please note that Dare Duel is a game for grown-ups only!
  • Two grown-up players of any gender that are in a romantic relationship can play the game.

A spicy game for – what will definitely be – a very interesting night in!


As you have plenty of time to snuggle up, get relaxed with massage candles, why not explore your curiosity with the fantastic 50 Shades of Grey 24 Days Countdown Calendar?

If you are even the slight bit curious about what all the fuss what about with 50 Shades of Grey, then this advent calendar is certainly the right choice for you. This 24-piece collection of bestselling items from the Fifty Shades of Grey official product line, as been assembled in an exquisite advent calendar style gift box. And as it will be the 21st of December soon, you will certainly not have to wait to open all of the windows over 24 days!

Each calendar door reveals something different, from bondage, blindfolding, vibration and sensory intensity. The set offers a range of products, from vibrators to handcuffs.

This pack is absolutely ideal for those new to gasm gadgets and sensation play!

What is actually featured in this box of treasures? Shall we have a peek? Okay, I am only going to reveal 2 doors – the rest you will have to find out for yourself. You will not regret it, trust me!

First, we have a “Perfect O Love Ring”. This gasm gadget will certainly bring unimaginable pleasure to you both. Secondly, we have, wait for it ladies … the Sweet Tease Nippler Stimulators. Pure delight. Last but not least, you have a beautiful blindfold to heighten all of your other senses. These are only 3 of the 24 items, so that is plenty to discover and explore together!


If, like me, you like to use plenty of lube during your playtime, then this next item is absolutely ideal to have!

Touch Warming Lubricant dispenser
Adding lubricant into your sex play just got a lot sexier and so much more easy! This fabulous device called Touch is an automated motion-sensitive warming lubricant dispenser that senses when your hand enters the oval shape and dispenses a pre-selected amount of lubricant into your hand. No slippery hands, no fumbling around trying desperately to get the lid back onto the bottle – unsuccessfully yet again. Perfect!

There are three settings, which allow you to choose the amount of lubricant that matches your specific needs. Designed with a one-second delay, the liquid lands perfectly into the palm of your hand ready for use. Ideal don’t you think?

This phenomenal gadget is compatible with water-based, silicone-based, and flavored lubricants as well as massage oils (scented or not).

An added bonus? The spill-proof tank and weighted base adds to its ease of use plus a glowing illuminated interior allows you to find Touch in the dark.


All this loving can certainly work up an appetite! So, why not whip up some delicious pancakes? Oh you thought “how bland!” Of course, I have something sexier than that up my sleeve!

Sexy frying pan

Perfectly formed pancakes, smothered in maple syrup! Ridiculously sexy food if you ask me! It would certainly be the perfect ending, to a perfect evening!


Spring is not that far away, but I certainly hope that you are not feeling as dismal now as you were before at the thought of Winter officially beginning on the 22nd!

There is so much to celebrate, so much loving to give, and the perfect excuse to stay all snuggled up in bed to keep warm and fit!

Whatever you do on Winter Solstice, I hope you have a fantastic time, and please drop me a line to let me know what you are up to.


6 Replies to “5 Sexy Tips For When Winter Solstice Arrives – The Longest and Sexiest Night Of The Year”

  1. You really got me with this article. My wife and I are passionate about the film 50 shades of Grey and I want to say that it fits perfectly with winter season. 

    I can’t wait to take advantage of this wonderful time, to sit in our bed while it is snowing outside quietly and to make unforgettable days and nights with my love. I really need such an advent calendar and I can’t wait to give my wife a Christmas present in these days. 
    Thanks a lot for this posts and i can’t wait to read your other articles from there. If you don’t mind i will share it with my best friends who need such an amazing tips. 

    1. Dearest Nimrod,

      Thank you so much for you comments.  I am delighted to hear that you are and your wife are such huge fans of 50 Shades of Grey and the you are going to take full advantage of the Winter Solstice night!

      I would be delighted if you shared this with your friends, thank you so much for doing it!

      Have a fantastic time over the festive holidays


  2. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. It is mind blowing. I wanted to ask how you get this inspiration to do these research.. Ideas like this can turn your relationship to a whole new level. It can also spice up your marriage. I learnt about most romantic things like the midas touch from a friend first but I think this is a well researched post. I can already feel the surge in my relationship 

    1. Dearest Benny,

      Thank you so much for visiting Love Yourself and for your wonderful comments.  My inspiration comes from being passionate about love, relationships and a wanting everyone to have a fantastic sex life – whatever that my involve.

      I am glad that you like that article and that you can already feel a surge in your relationship!

      Happy winter solstice and happy holidays!


  3. Winter is coming, that’s what I keep on saying, but no one believes me! On the other hand, the shortest day of the year does not scare me, since days will get longer afterwards. 

    Is the MIDAS touch linked to King Midas? Will my partner turn into gold after having been massaged with that oil? Well, you have convinced me! I am glad to know that this oil won’t burn a body, though.

    1. Dearest Purdey,

      You are so funny!  The oils are a great choice for an incredibly romantic and erotic evening.  Have fun on Winter solstice and very happy holidays to you!

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