Welcome to Love Yourself Sex Toys. We have an exquisite range to delight all of your senses. Our aim is to ensure that your life is filled with giving and receiving immeasurable pleasure. We have exclusively chosen a luxurious range of sex toys, sensual lubes and lotions for discerning individuals and couples. We ensure quality, luxury and discretion.


For a young woman who grew up in a very conservative-minded country with a large community who fundamentally believed that sex should not be “experimented” with until marriage, things soon became very frustrating – on all levels. Masturbation was a big No No – unless, of course, you wanted to go blind. Despite the supposed consequences, my insatiable curiosity took the risk. I can happily say I am still in very good health and have all my senses about me.

I moved to London in my late 20s. The world was my oyster – or so I thought. I can distinctly remember the first (and only) time I snuck into a sex shop in SOHO. I was ready to shop! All I left with was my head hanging in shame and embarrassment when I left the shop, hoping no one would see me. I had to find an alternative. Et voilà, the Internet emerged, like the Phoenix out of the fire! I have never looked back since. Discretion and privacy, all in the comfort of my own home.


Having sex is one of the most relaxing, exciting, fulfilling and pleasureable moments in one’s life. I never want that moment to end. Life, however, has become very fast-paced and stressful. What could be better to take time out for yourself or with your partner, and feel absolutely ecstatic?

With our luxurious sex toys, you can fulfill all of your fantasies and desires at the “click of your button”.


From the comfort of your home, you can order your desired product online.  We guarantee discretion. We guarantee only the best products for you.  Love life.  Love Yourself.

If you have any questions, or if you would more information, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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