Adult Pleasure Toys – 5 Reasons Why You Should Own One (Or More)

You are probably reading this article because you are intrigued, yet still rather apprehensive, about buying adult pleasure toys. 

Adult Pleasure Toys

There may be various reasons for this. You may feel that you do not want to let your partner down, because they may feel that purchasing a sex toy means that they are inadequate in the bedroom. You may have feel that there are still stigmas and shame attached to buying a sex toy, and that if anyone found out, well, you would just want the world to swallow you up.

But fear not, I will explain why owning a sex toy (or more) is incredibly healthy, how it can benefit you and your partner and how there really is no reason to feel shame buying a ‘gasm gadget!

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should own one – or more – pleasure treasures:


The main reason why this is a mutli-billion dollar industry, is because people know that when they buy a sex toy they will enjoy the pleasure that it gives – both men and women.

In a previous article, I have mentioned that seventy-five percent of women are only able to reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation. So, unless our partner is a contortionist with magical powers, the fact is that women may find it difficult to climax with penetrative sex.

If this is happening to you, and you find that you are not enjoying sex because you are not ‘getting the most’ out of your intimate sessions, or you are having to fake your orgasms to please your partner, then I would highly recommend that you speak to you partner. Communication is always key. Reassure your lover that that this has nothing to do with their “performance”, and that there are ways that you can enhance both your pleasure during penetrative sex by using couples ‘gasm gadgets.

Sexual pleasure

Take the Tiani 2 for example. This beautify pleasure toy is worn by women internally, and has been designed to give her a more fulfilling feeling, and, creates more intensity for him. This will give the opportunity for couples to share bigger climaxes.

The remote control is for added pleasure. It allows users to control the sensations during intimate sessions through the movement of the remote.

Using couples’ sex toys are fun, interesting, exciting and downright orgasmic. Using toys will certain boost your sex life! Give it a try!


By using a sex toy, you can definitely improve your sexual performance. You can use the toy to ‘practice’ on yourself – believe me, you will love it! You can explore your body and get to know your likes and dislikes, what turns you on and what doesn’t. Quite frankly, knowing yourself will allow you to perform a lot better in bed!

Love Yourself

Sex toys have the ability to improve your confidence (a very sexy quality), increase your stamina and libido, and – this is for all of the gentlemen – it can improve our erection quality.

Let’s face it, sex is initially incredibly exciting when you first meet your partner. The two of you want to explore everything together. You cannot keep your hands off each other. But, generally, somewhere down the line of the relationship it might get a little monotonous with your safe routine. You opt for the same positions and locations and not really bothering to spice things up.

Adding sex toys to the mix, however, can change that and they can definitely help improve your performance, and, you both will achieve orgasms that you have never felt before.

It is a fantastic way to take your sex life to the next level and explore new erotic adventures together. It is bound to bring you closer together inside and outside the bedroom.  


Insomnia, stress and anxiety normally go hand in hand. When you experience these conditions, the last thing you feel like is a cosy night in with you partner, because you feel completely exhausted. There is no question that having sex it absolutely great, but, it does take effort and energy.

The wonderful aspect of using a sex toy is the fact that it doesn’t get tired – well, unless it runs out of power of course! These gadgets are so efficient, that can arouse and excite you within minutes. Having orgasm is magnificent for the health, because a hormone – Oxytocin – is released during your orgasm. What are the benefits of Oxytocin? This little ‘love hormone’ evokes calmness, contentedness and reduces anxiety, which in turn, will allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

Health Benefits of sex toys

Using sex toys has the ability to ‘inject’ a feeling of happiness and sexiness into your life!


The prostate is an almond-shaped organ located in the anal canal. It is responsible for producing semen. Research has shown that masturbation, in fact, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

It is advised that occasional stimulation of the prostate is essential for a healthy prostate. How can you stimulate this? Well, by using butt plugs or even dildos.

For all of the men who are currently shaking their heads, saying “absolutely no way!”, I would like to reassure you of something. The best type of orgasm in men comes from the prostate orgasm!  Introducing you to the Nuo V2 Anal Plug

You are less likely to encounter erectile dysfunction, difficulty climaxing and low sex drive.

Using butt plugs and or dildos, does not only give you the most mind-blowing orgasms, but it also gives you an opportunity to get to know to your body. By this I mean that they will make you more aware of your sexual health, making you more likely to notice any abnormalities and, therefore, seek the necessary medical advice.

So gentleman, what are you waiting for?


Sex toys are like the GPS of orgasms. They have been ergonomically designed to pinpoint the location of your erogenous zones. So, if you buy a g-spot vibrator or a prostate massager, for example, it will be curved to find that precise location so that you don’t have to fumble about in search of your pleasure point. And once you have found your pleasure points, well, let the orgasms begin!

The wonderful thing about ‘gasm gadets is the fact they will enable you to experience multiple orgasms. Believe it or not ladies, we can experience 4 types of orgasms. Sex toys are able to help you to get to know more about your inner self! You may not know your real sexual power until you explore your body for yourself!


Ah, I suppose you want to know about the 4 types of orgasms! Well, you will have to wait for my next article. I will tell you what the orgasms are and what toys you can use to achieve them.

But for the time being, explore your body, get to know your body, and you will soon realise why owning adult pleasure toys is so much fun, so erotic and how it will not only improve your sex life, but you will start feeling utterly fabulous!

Have fun exploring.  I would, of course, love to hear from you!


7 Replies to “Adult Pleasure Toys – 5 Reasons Why You Should Own One (Or More)”

  1. Hi Renée, well, you have definitely convinced me. If someone had told me that one day I would buy a sex toy, I would have screamed with laughter. But the more I read your blog, the more your gentle and classy way of explaining things on such a slippery subject, the more I think that there is nothing wrong with sex toys. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you very much. 

    1. Hello Purdey!  

      You are so funny! But, yes, I can certainly understand why you would have been screaming with laughter.  Let’s face it, sex toys were not particularly pretty in days gone by!

      I am so glad that they have become sleek, sophisticated and just stunning to look at (and use of course).`

      I am glad that you have changed your mind about sex toys.  Let me know which one you are thinking of choosing.

      See you again soon

  2. This was an interesting and informative article with some good toys included as well! I am glad that you chose to mention both men and women in the discussion, as I do think that both can benefit from such toys. You are right that the relationship can get a bit monotonous over time, and these toys offer some solutions.

    There likely is going to be some resistance from the older, more conservative crowd that might read this, but I think even they might enjoy these toys if they gave them a whirl. I am more of an open person, so I definitely like the two toys that you have highlighted and would consider them for play.

    These toys are a lot more sophisticated too than what I was seeing years ago when the toys were rather crude (batteries only, loud and a little ridiculous looking), definitely not designed to fit well in the bedroom most of the time! An app, sleek looking design, and inviting is how I see these. You have convinced me, now let’s see what the wife says! Thanks!

    1. Dearest Dave

      i am so happy that you found the article informative.  Yes, I think it is very important to make men aware that sex toys are not just for women, and that there are some fantastic toys out there for you!

      You are not wrong about getting resistance – and I hold absolutely no judgement.  it is just a different time.

      Adult pleasure toys have truly become stunning in their designs.  Sleek and gorgeous and amazing that things can works through an application now – all this technology!

      Have fun and hopefully see you soon again!

  3. Hey Renee, I think you have put together a very tasteful website with great information that is actually classy. I am sure you will attract those of us who are shopping for ‘gasm gadgets. I’m not afraid to shop by the way, although it’s been decades since I felt sexy enough to want to delve into erotic pleasures. I think you’re helping a lot of people by being open and honest about your customer’s feelings. That goes a long way in developing trust. We certainly don’t want to be seen at the local porn shop, lol. Thanks.

    1. Dearest Judy,

      Thank you so much for visiting Love Yourself. I am delighted that you found the information useful. I agree, I do not particularly want to go into a dodgy looking porn shop either. Thankfully, there are such fantastic places to shop about on the internet for adult pleasure toys.

      Great to hear from you, and I hope to see you again here soon

  4. Hey Renee, I think you have put together a very tasteful website with great information that is actually classy. I am sure you will attract those of us who are shopping for ‘gasm gadgets. I’m not afraid to shop by the way, although it’s been decades since I felt sexy enough to want to delve into erotic pleasures. I think you’re helping a lot of people by being open and honest about your customer’s feelings. That goes a long way in developing trust. We certainly don’t want to be seen at the local porn shop, lol. Thanks.

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