Food For Better Sex – 10 SnacksTo Boost Your Libido

Every article I read of ways to improve my libido always seems to include foods such as asparagus, oysters, tofu, strawberries or bananas. Quite frankly, I could think of nothing less likely to get me in the mood. Yes, of course, I am fully aware that these foods are full of the relevant nutrients, and of course they are incredibly healthy and should be eaten to keep healthy, but I really wanted to find sexier food. Food that would seriously get me in the mood.

Food for better sex

Apologies for being so blunt, but I cannot believe that only eating something that makes my urine smell strange, having to swallow something that is still alive (and doused in lemon juice and an onion sauce, thus, giving me the breath of a coyote) or chewing on something rubbery like tofu is the only way to feel fabulous and sexy. I can’t be possible.

Disappointingly, another highly recommended food item is fruit. I love fruit, but seriously, after having eaten a punnet of strawberries or blueberries, I feel like more like a bloated balloon than a love machine, so sexy time is the furtherest thing from my mind!

So, my mission began to try to find delicious, healthy – and also a tad naughty – foods to eat, in order to get me in the mood for love!


Lips Like Honey

Honey is rich in Vitamin BEE. It is great for increasing your stamina and increases the production of testosterone. Nice one! Honey is great for the skin, giving your complexion a lovely glow. The best honey to consume is one with no additives, so the darker the better.

I could think of nothing more fabulous than waking up on a Saturday morning, making some pancakes drizzled in honey and enjoying a snuggly breakfast in bed. Licking the excess honey off my lover’s lips, well, no doubt that would certainly get me in the mood!


How do you like your eggs in the morning

Breakfast or brunch – on a lazy weekend – is my favourite meal ever! Whether you like eggs sunny side up, boiled, scrambled or over easy (I love that American expression) they are a very sexy eat. They are rich in vitamins B5 and B6 which are known to balance the hormones. Eggs can play a very important role in a healthy libido. Great to see things are looking up!


Nothing boring about vanilla

Other than the fact that vanilla smells and tastes absolutely delicious, it is actually great for life in general. Believe it or not, Vanilla is one of the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs. The key to these raw vanilla pods, is the fact that it unlocks mood-boosting and hormone-boosting elements. Raw vanilla pods can be on the more expensive side, but don’t worry, because you can also purchase organic vanilla extract and use that instead.

How do you use raw vanilla pods? Slice the pod in half and scrape out the vanilla from the center. You can add it to either tea or coffee, or you can add it to batter and bake something fabulous – a cheesecake, vanilla and chocolate biscuits, or you can add them to your pancake or waffle batter and drizzle them with honey before eating them. Delicious!


Almonds great food for your libido

I love the fact that in the UK they sell packets of nuts with a huge label saying “This product may contain nuts”. Really? It always amuses me endlessly. Anyway, onto our next love booster – Almonds. These nuts are loaded with nutrients such as zinc – which is known to increase your sex drive – vitamin E and selenium. “Sele-what?” you may ask. Selenium. It is a nutrient which is vital for our health (but please note, it is to be taken in small doses only).

It plays a major role in the processes within our bodies, including metabolism and thyroid functions. It is great for our immune system, it acts as a powerful antioxidant, may protect against heart disease and certain cancers and may help with mental decline. I am really liking all of this! I am feeling better already!


grass fed beef

Lean red meat (please make sure that it is grass-fed beef) contains zinc and iron. They are very important, as they help red blood cells transport oxygen around the body, giving you energy. In addition to this, red meat contains vitamin B and protein, which is crucial for fuel and endurance. Proteins also help stimulate the release of a chemical called dopamine, a “feel good” neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure centers.


Dark Chocolate Is good for you

Yes, it is actually true. It is not a myth. Dark chocolate is great for the libido! Chocolate contains something called phenylethylamine. I know, these technical words are rather mind-boggling, but please bear with me. Phenylethylamine is important because it triggers the release of endorphins (your “happy” making chemicals) as well as the feel good chemical called – dopamine. And we all know what happens when we are feeling happy and feeling good. A whole lot of loving takes place!


Greek Yoghurt foods for gods and goddesses

I LOVE yogurt, and especially Greek yogurt! It is not something I would have particularly associated with sensuality, but I was delighted to discover how incredibly healthy it is for you. It contains vitamin B12 and, in addition to this, it contains potassium. What is so great about potassium? Well, it keeps your heart healthy and helps with blood circulation – 2 key factors for getting and maintaining an erection. Another great factor is that it is instrumental for weight loss and weight management. An all round winner for me!


Watermelon is the new viagra

I know I said I was going to stay away from fruit, but watermelon is my one exception as I would like to emphasise how brilliant this is for men. This fabulous fruit is rich in L-citruline – not only helps improve blood flow, but supports the body in optimizing bloody flow when (and here comes the scientific bit) it converts it to L-arginine, and afterwards it gets converted into nitric oxide. What this basically, means is that, similarly to Viagra, the watermelon increases blood flow to the male sexual organs, but without any negative side effects. Delicious and effective!


Red Hot Chilli pepper

I can reassure you that I am certainly not a sadist wanting to inflict pain on you. So, why did I add the red chilli pepper? Well, this little red devil contains a high amount of capsaicin – the compound found in Tabasco sauce that sets your tongue on fire! It releases chemicals that increase your heart rate, mirrors signs of excitement and arousal and releases those fabulous little endorphins.

I am not saying that every time you walk into the kitchen you grab a chilli and take a bite! And you certainly don’t have to eat it raw. You can stir-fry them and add them to a dish of your choice. Similarly, if you like guacamole, add some jalapenos for extra spice. Or if you are having eggs for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning, add a bit of cayenne pepper.

These foods will not only boost your metabolism, but they will increase your duration in the bedroom too. That will be a 2 thumbs up from me.


Warm spices for hot sex

I promise not to get ahead of myself, but just to let you know that spices that I usually associate with Christmas in particular, are very good for you. The aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and star of anise is truly heavenly for me – especially when I know that they are being served in a big mug of mulled wine! Roll on Christmas.

There is a reason for saying “spicing things up the bedroom”. This is because nutmeg and cinnamon are used as an aphrodisiac in many cultures. The scent of these spices can improve one’s mood, can relax you and soothe your nerves and, can of course, spark your sex drive! What more could you want?


With all of these delicious foods in mind, your grocery shopping trips can certainly be more exciting. Have extra eggs in the fridge, honey in the cupboard, a chocolate stash in a secret hiding place. It really feels fabulous to be able to surprise your lover with a spontaneous brunch in bed or get the chocolate out while watching television. The results will certainly be worth it.

See you all soon again,



8 Replies to “Food For Better Sex – 10 SnacksTo Boost Your Libido”

  1. Great article. I agree, things like oysters and asparagus are often said to be aphrodisiacs, based on their nutrient profiles. But, they don’t seem that sensual. 

    Your article was very well written, with a lot of humor. I especially like the “almonds – may contain nuts!” and “vitamin bee”. Its nice to see some humor when everyone writes so serious sometimes. 

    I didn’t know about watermelon, L-citruline and L-arginine. Perhaps I could use watermelon pre-workout, because L-arginine is often used in pre-workout supplements.

    Great job putting this together, nice pictures, and color formatting. I look forward to reading more from your website. 

    1. Hello!  Thanks so much for visiting the website. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who thinks oysters and asparagus are a no no.

      I did not know that L-arginine is used for pre-workout supplements.  That is really interesting – thanks for the tip!  

      I really look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon


  2. Thank you for your wonderful input, I never knew watermelon has such a wonderful benefits.  I have been searching around for the best natural food or fruits that can help boost my libido and this article is clearly the perfect one. I will get this fruit and share my experience with you here. 

    1. Hello Charles

      Watermelon is truly a gorgeous fruit, especially in the summer – and it is great to know that it has such a great impact on the body.  I  really look forward to hearing your thoughts in the near future!

      Thanks you for visiting Love Yourself.

      See you soon again

  3. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I am closing to 60 year old now and my libido is gradually reducing. I went to my doctor, who suggested to me to use Viagra. I don’t like to use any kind medicine for my issue of libido and would like to try natural ways, but I have never take time to do research.

    Here comes your article. There are so many food which have the potential to boost my libido. I see your list is helpful. The products are not expensive and most of them are already in the daily food routine. I don’t use honey at all and this is the first one to add to my food list. I don’t know if honey is expensive or not. Another one is Chocolate, since I am occasionally depressed. Chocolate may make me happy and feel good, creating love spirit for me.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    1. Dearest Anthony,

      I am so happy that you found this article helpful.  Yes, it is amazing how we can naturally increase our libido with different foods.  I love honey.  A spoonful in yoghurt or in a cup of tea is delicious.

      Chocolate is certainly a food source that makes me very happy and feel good!

      Let me know how you get on!  Thank you so much for visiting the site


  4. I had no idea that vanilla is an aphrodisiac, however, it only makes sense because my husband loves it when I wear perfume that has a vanilla or spicy scent. I think it makes men think about food and that we may be good enough to eat. Me on the other hand. I prefer chocolate to vanilla.

    1. Hello Wendy!  I can imagine that your perfume drives your husband crazy!  Superb.  I also LOVE chocolate and prefer it to vanilla!

      Thanks for your great comments, and for visiting the site


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