Getting Married? 5 Great Ideas For A Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties and Hen nights have – over the past few decades – become an essential part of  ‘must do’ events before the actual ‘I do’ ceremony takes place.  If you are looking for great ideas for a bachelorette party and are planning an evening of fun and frolics for your bestie, have a look at my 5 favourite ideas.  I am sure at least one of them will give you inspiration for a simply fabulous evening.

Great Ideas for a bachelorette party

Let’s kick off your Bachelorette evening themes.  Here’s to having a fabulous and spectacular evening of your choice.  

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Let’s face it, there is nothing sexier than slipping into beautiful lingerie.  You feel great, and your partner inevitably will fall head of heels again – and get them very hot under the collar!  

How does your evening work?  Well, send your bestie into married life with an extensive new lingerie wardrobe.  Not only will she be eternally grateful, but I am sure you will be getting thank you notes from her partner too!  Ask each guest to purchase a gorgeous (incredibly sexy) piece of lingerie for the Bride to be.

You can get the bride to guess who gave her the gift.  Make it fun.  Throw in some fun gifts for the honeymoon – something like edible undies.  HINT:  Try the champagne chocolate range, perfect for an evening of bliss.  

For your sizzling evening, serve a signature ‘lingerie’ cocktail – “Night of Passion” or “Between the Sheets” especially for the guest of honour!

Perhaps as a thank you to each guest, you could give them each a set of fuzzy handcuffs as you send them on their way.  They will be most impressed!

It is really a guaranteed fabulous evening.

kinky fluffy handcuffs

Brunching is absolutely one of my favourite pass times.  I just love lounging around in the morning and then going out and meeting friends for a stunning cocktail and something delicious to eat.

But I always make an exception for a Bachelorette party –  I usually host it in the comfort of my own home as the theme might be a bit too risqué for restaurants.  I prepare the whole breakfast (waffles, bacon, eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt) and serve champagne and coffee. 

I ask guests to bring a “spicy” gift for the couple –  to keep things extremely hot in the bedroom.  Fifty Days of Play is a great game that will certainly keep you and your partner on your toes!Fifty Days of Play has 50 variations for exciting and pleasurable adventures for couples.  It has five levels of game-play with ten secret envelopes for each level.  This ranges from Virginal White, Vanilla, Light and Dark Grey to Seductive Black.  The game includes intimate and romantic gestures to erotic surprises.

Fifty days of play sex game

Players have to roll a dice to see what shade of naughtiness they will be enjoying.

It is delightful to play, so if you are curious and feel very naughty and want to spice up your love life, you will not be disappointed with this fantastic game.


There is nothing like spending the day at a luxurious spa, being pampered and fussed over by experts.  This is a great way for you, and especially the bride, to take your minds off the stresses and strains of planning a wedding.

Ideally, you would like this feeling of being massaged and feeling completely relaxed to continue up to and after the wedding day.  As gifts for the bride (and her partner) you could ask the invited Bachelorettes to bring along a present that the couple can enjoy together.

Why not get the couple edible Massage Oils which are available in four delicious flavours:  Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Vanilla.  All of the products are 100 per cent natural blend of skin oils.  These massage oils are the perfect blend for a romantic, relaxing and sensual evening in!

Edible strawberry massage oilsEdible massage oils






You cannot go wrong with body fragrances either!  This aromatic coconut massage bar arouses and entices all your senses with the flirtatious scents, leaving an irresistible sexy scent and sweet kissable taste on the skin. It is utterly delicious and incredibly erotic.  There is something so incredibly relaxing, soothing and healing when it comes to your lover’s touch.These kissable body scents give you that something “extra delicious” for your intimate evenings.

Kissable body scents coconut

Taking it to the next level, you then, of course, have the mandatory Kama Sutra Getaway Kit, wanted by all!   You will probably find that when you are buying this gift for the future couple, that you will purchase two – one to keep for yourself – because it is seriously that irresistible!

Kama sutra getaway package

The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit will catapult your lovemaking to new heights.  This package is ideal for when planning a fabulous sexy weekend away with your lover. You will certainly have everything you need tucked away within this soft, reusable carrier case.  The little portable love pack includes:  French Vanilla Body Creme, Vanilla Creme Oil of Love, Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust with a feather applicator, Love Liquid water-based Lubricant and a Romance Candle.

Pure heaven!


Bachelorette parties are usually close to the day of the wedding.  The next gift is ideal for the bride and her partner and will certainly inject pleasure and erotica – not only – into their honeymoon, but certainly beyond that too!  The discovery box has 10 surprises to bring utter pleasure to both parties.  

10 day surprise box of sex toys

What I absolutely love about this gift is that couples usually find it difficult to articulate their desires and do not know how to start the subject of using sex toys with their partners.  The wonderful thing about this is the fact that the bride can say “Ooooh, look what I got today as a gift”.  This will then start a conversation and I am sure that curiousity will be peaked if they are not already using adult pleasure toys!  The joys of exploring and trying out new toys together.  A magnificent, intimate experience!


There is something mysterious about being hidden behind a mask or disguise, that gives a person the ability to completely ‘let their hair down’.  All of their inhibitions seem to disappear with a new found confidence.  Very charming.  So, for this fabulous themed Bachelorette party, how about a masquerade themed party?   Your group will stand out at bars and clubs, and no one will know your true identity! 

Sexy PVC mask

This stylish and mysterious PVC mask is perfect for your evenings out, or perfect for your evenings in!  The mask is availabe in red, black, purple and pink!


I hope that you have been inspired to create and host the most fabulous Bachelorette party!  Please let me know what themes you have chosen and I would love to hear about your evenings!

Have a stunning time, and I hope to hear from you soon


6 Replies to “Getting Married? 5 Great Ideas For A Bachelorette Party”

  1. Hi Renée! Well, if you’re married, I certainly want to know about YOUR bachelorette party! It must have been better than a Madonna concert, I’m sure! You have me intrigued by the edible lingerie. I certainly want to try that! I think it can be very sexy. I love a SPA day, that is for sure! All the oils you mention look so delicious and must smell like Heaven! Thank you for all these tips! 

    1. Dearest Purdey,

      Great to see you here again!  The edible lingerie is intriguing and erotic that is for sure. You can get various delicious flavours.

      I must say the SPA day was my favourite too.  Complete relaxation, fun and just smelling and feeling gorgeous afterwards.  Pure delight.

      These products are great for sensitive skins, as they are all 100 per cent body safe.  Love these products from My Sensual Secrets!

      See you again soon Purdey

  2. Hi Renee, Really cool post that I know will have many people out there wanting these products. Such a load of fun and what better time to try them out than at the pre wedding parties. i can just see all the girls having an absolute ball buying and leaving them using their imaginations to smile as they ponder their usage . Really creative stuff and without a doubt leaving the lucky enjoying a night to be cherished and remembered forever

    1. Dearest Paul,

      I am so happy that you liked the article.  Please keep your eyes peeled, because my next article is going to be for Stag Parties! 

      Thanks again!


  3. Hello Renee,

    You have listed some fabulous themes and gift ideas for a bachelorette party. I think moving away from traditional sexy lingeries and being more creative when choosing gifts for a hen party would be a refreshing idea.

    Fifty Days of Play game set, masquerade theme seems like fun and exciting ideas to work with. So I think a masquerade theme party, brunch in the next morning, then a spa day would be a memorable time for any bachelorette who’s been stressed out with all the wedding planning. 

    I am about to host a bachelorette party next weekend for one of my best friends. So I will definitely use some of the ideas you have mentioned in this article.🙂

    1. Dearest Analji,

      Hello, and thank you for your comments.  I am delighted that you liked the ideas and that you are able to use some of them for your bachelorette party next weekend.  My sensual secrets has some fantastic offers on at the moment, so you can save money will buying some goodies for the future bride. Enjoy, and please let me know how the party went!

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