Halloween Spooky Treats For A Sexy Evening

Pumpkins, ghosts and plenty of tricks and treats! No tricks here, though, just holiday treats today for your Halloween! I love this time of the year! The evenings are getting darker earlier, which means cosy evenings in! What could be better? Get your trick or treat buckets ready, because here are my ultimate Halloween Spooky Treats!

Halloween spooky treats

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You could not possibly celebrate Halloween without this fabulous Halloween Pumpkin Dildo! It will do anything but haunt your naughty bits I can assure you! This dildo is 100% body safe, waterproof and it is so much fun! Why don’t you put on your favourite Halloween costume, create the perfect horror dinner for you and your partner and enjoy a bit of dildo-licious pumpkin for dessert!

Pumpkin Dildo Geeky Sex Toys


ATTENTION: This is NOT for the faint-hearted! If you like to be spanked, take a look at this R.I.P silicone tombstone paddle. It is made from a thick 100% body safe silicone. You can give you partner a gentle “thwack” with the smooth side, or you can be a bit more devilish and use the thick detailed side. Either way, your partner will certainly be howling with pleasure and begging for more! I am sure they will be dying to try it again. Rest in Peace and Love, though.

RIP paddle


This testicle, sorry, tentacle of love is perfect for any Hentai lovers toy collection! The end of the tentacle has a slippery smooth and tapered tip and has been specifically designed for pleasure! The curve of this toy “knows” exactly how to reach your G or P spot. This toy also has a suction cup which fits at the base of this beautifully marbled coloured adult pleasure toy.

The Tentacle – Henai Dildo is 100% body safe and waterproof. Suck it up!

It is a best-seller, so what are you waiting for? You do not want to miss out on this one!

Octopuss tentacle sex toy



Halloween without a ghost? It is absolutely not possible. If you have never believed in ghosts, well, wait until you meet this pleasure treasure! You will be sorry you haven’t believed in them before. This gasm gadget is really fabulous and loads of fun. This six and a half inches of pearly white and silky smooth silicone has been transformed into a unique dildo shape. After a night with The Ghost Dildo, you will definitely be moaning for more.

Of course this adult pleasure toy is 100% body safe and waterproof, so plenty of fun to be had on haunted nights and in stormy weather!

ghost dildo
PS: Taking photos of real phantoms is not the easiest of tasks, so the photo, of course, does it absolutely no justice! You will certainly not be disappointed with the ‘real’ thing though!


Oooooh, Halloween can be scary! But not with the Skull Cock Ring, quite the opposite in fact! Thinking of the perfect Halloween costume? Why not dazzle your partner by going caveman-style and treating them to your Skull and Boner! Let’s face it, this silicone skull cock ring looks pretty bad ass.

For best results, add some lube and stretch this epic ring over your shaft! Not only your confidence will grow!

Needless to say this toy is also made from 100% body safe silicone and is also waterproof.

skull cock ring

skull cock ring


Want to spice up your Halloween with a bit of pumpkin delight? How about this fabulous Halloween Pumpkin Ball Gag? Halloween is fool of ghouls, ghost and goblins. You certainly do not want to be attracting their attention with your squeals of enjoyment and moans of orgasm. Keep it down, please! The only way to enjoy an evil free Halloween is by using this amazing ball gag!

Halloween pumpkin gag

The ball gag is made out of hypoallergenic, odorless and tasteless silicone. The straps are made of faux leather straps, with a 9 hole buckle, which allows for adjustments.


This absolutely hilarious and fun butt plug will bring you hours of fun and certainly pleasure! Get your ghoul on with this glow in the dark Pumpkin Butt Plug! Yes, you read correctly!

This fabulous toy is made out of top grade aluminum alloy and the pumpkin base glows in the dark. There are two different sizes – either small or medium! The toy is very comfortable and the base ensures that the toy will remain “intact” – you certainly don’t want to be part of the population sitting in ER on Halloween to look for a missing pumpkin!


glow in the dark butt plugpumkin butt plug







Unicorns are the most adorable, mysterious and pleasure seeking and giving creatures! The Unicorn Horn Dildo is not only a super cool toy, but will definitely help stimulate the most magical orgasms. This toy comes with a suction cup, which allow for the more adventurous creatures an evening of creativity and orchestrating your very own fairy tale ending!

The Unicorn is available in two colours – Pink Pearl and Purple Pearl. This toy is also hand-made from 100% body safe silicone and is completely waterproof.

The Unicorn Horn Dildo is a BEST SELLER – so do not miss out on this beauty! It will give you wings!

Unicorn sex toy

All you Dr. Who fans! Do I have a treat in store for you! Become the ultimate time lord with the Sonic Vibrator, the TardAss Paddle and the magnificent Dildek Small! Travel to several exquisite time realms and experience ultimate pleasure – truly out of this world. And you do not even have to step into a Police Box for real experience, with these toys, you can enjoy and savour every delicious orgasm travelling experience from the comfort of your own home.

dr who sex toy package

All of these toys are made from 100% body safe silicone.


Don’t miss out on these fabulous toys for Halloween, for this will truly be a nightmare! I hope you have fun dressing up in your favourite costumes – gives you the perfect opportunity for a whole lot of ghoulish role-play in the bedroom! Very exciting.

Whatever you do, make sure that there are no tricks and only treats in store for your Halloween!

For more fun, and bizarre, sex toys, feast your eyes by clicking here.

Would love to hear what you are planning over your holiday!


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