Ho Ho Ho! Celebrate The Holidays with Novelty Christmas Jumpers!

As the countdown to Christmas gets underway, I find the perfect way to kick off the celebrations is by wearing one of my many beloved Christmas Jumpers. They are fun, warm and certainly sets the tone for a fabulous Christmas. It is a time of the year to relax, spend time with friends and family, not take things too seriously and to enjoy plenty of Christmas parties!

These Christmas jumpers are of course not your standard jumpers, they have a sexy twist to them!


If there was one thing that I learned after having lived in the United Kingdom for twenty years, is the fact that Christmas is a very very important time of the year! And Christmas would not be Christmas without a fabulous jumper to really get people in the holiday spirit!

You would certainly wear them to work the week before Christmas, present them proudly while nursing your drink at the local pub after work, and, ultimately keep your fingers crossed that you get the prize for being the owner of the best (and this certainly can fall into the category of the most hideous) Christmas jumper!

I love this tradition. It is fun, lighthearted and certainly keeps you warm during this cold time of the year – for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere!

So, without further ado, lets go shopping! I would like to mention now, that I would absolutely love to see photos of you in your jumpers – out on the town, at work or even at your Christmas party! You can find me on twitter: @GETMORLUVURSELF and of course on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.fr/getmoreloveyourself/



This fabulous jumper is available in the following sizes: Small, medium, large and Extra-large. For a fit, I would suggest taking the next size up!

  • The jumper has a Crew Neck soft feel
  • It has ribbed cuffs and hem
  • It is knitted and 100 percent Acrylic
  • It is machine washable
  • Colour – Red / Off White / Charcoal


Go on, strut your stuff! This is one of my favourites! I love the colour and it is incredibly comfortable to wear.

  • The jumper also has a Crew Neck and an incredibly soft feel
  • It has ribbed cuffs and hem
  • It is 100 percent acrylic
  • It is machine washable

The jumper is available in sizes from small to extra, extra large.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, this is a very cute present for under the Christmas tree! Who doesn’t adore a reindeer!

If your partner looks magnificent in dark blue, this jumper is also available in that colour!


Well, I certainly hope that is not the case! But it is a great jumper and I am sure that it will be a great conversation starter for those evenings out.

  • This jumper is available in Grey and has Christmas graphics to front
  • The style? A rather rude flashing Santa
  • It is 100 percent Acrylic
  • It too has a crew neck and ribbed cuffs and hem
  • It is very warm, comfortable and incredibly fun!


Very true, and hopefully you feel the same! This soft and warm sweat shirt is available in the following sizes: Small to extra, extra large! it is great to slip into when decorating the tree, wrapping presents or whipping up Christmas treats in the kitchen. If anything, it will certainly make your partner smile!

This jumper is available in black, as well as blue and Grey.

  • The jumper is a classic fit, with a twill-taped neck
  • Solid colors: 80 percent cotton, 20 percent polyester
  • It is machine washable – in cold water with the same colours
  • Do not forget to dry on a low heat


There is only one list I want to be on, and that is definitely Santa’s naughty list! This adorable jumper is available in five colours: Black, blue, green, white and red.

This jumper is available in sizes small to extra extra large.

  • The items are machine washable and you can tumble dry them.
  • 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester

This jumper is perfect for “subtly” letting your partner know that your are in the mood! The Christmas holiday is certainly known for getting people in the mood for love! While wrapping presents, over a glass of mulled wine, don’t forget to change into something more comfortable like this jumper – I am sure that the wrapping of gifts will have to wait until the next morning!


Despite being unashamedly advertised as one of the ugliest jumpers for Christmas, it is one of the hottest sellers! And who can blame anyone for wanting this raunchy jumper!

Rudolf is available in black, blue, royal blue, dark heather and heather Grey. You can purchase this jumper in sizes from small to extra extra large.

  • This Christmas Boobies jumper is a great humor present.
  • This Reindeer Boobs jumper is truly perfect if you have been racking your brain on how to stand out with your Ugly Christmas costume this holiday season!
  • It is thankfully machine washable – on a cold temperature and, of course, with the same colours. Always dry on a low heat.


Mistletoe is mandatory when it comes to Christmas! It is always the first Christmas item I hang up in my home – in the bedroom of course! With this adorable jumper you and your lover can certainly get up to some sexy shenanigans!

This sweat shirt is available in black, dark heather, navy and royal blue. It is the ideal fun gift for your lover to put under the Christmas tree!

The sweat shirt is availabe in small to extra extra large sizes!


I hope you all have fun during this holiday time and the build up to Christmas. Whether you are at home, meeting up with friends after work or doing last minute shopping for family, do not forget to inject light heartedness into the holidays – and believe me, wearing one of these jumpers certainly does the trick!

Have a fantastic time, and please do not forget to send me pictures! Mine will be up on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend!

See you all soon again,


16 Replies to “Ho Ho Ho! Celebrate The Holidays with Novelty Christmas Jumpers!”

  1. Hi Renée, well I want all of them! Christmas jumpers always remind me of Colin Firth in ‘Love actually’, and also of Bridget Jones. I think they are hilarious and I love the fact they celebrate self-mockery, which for me is a sign of a higher intelligence! Have a lovely Christmas!

    1. Hello Anso!

      I am glad that you want ALL of them! You are right, they are so British – I remember Colin Firth wearing those hideous jumpers in Love Actually! I does make me laugh! There is nothing quite like a naughty jumper to kick start your Christmas holidays! I hope you have fun, that you are very naughty, and that you get spoilt by Santa!

      Kind regards,


  2. Christmas is always a very special time in my home. I am a widow with four grown children. We pick a theme every Christmas. We all got Christmas jumpers. It’s amazing what jumper each person chooses. I love the jumpers you showed here, I like the one that says “kiss me under the mistletoe” the best. 

    1. Hello Juliet!

      Christmas at your house sounds absolutely delightful!  You look far too young to have four grown children, but you obviously have wonderful genes!  I am glad you liked the jumpers, I also love the Mistletoe one!

      Have a fabulous Festive Holiday!

      Kind regards,


  3. Oh, this gave me a total belly laugh!  I so wish that more North Americans had this twisted sense of humour!  I would buy all of these and wear them proudly everywhere!  There are actually a few I especially liked but my favourite one is, “When I think of you, I touch my elf”.  TOO FUNNY!!!  Thank you so much for the laugh and the excellent ideas for both myself and for gifts!

    1. Ho ho ho Feochadan!  I am so glad that this brought a smile to your face!  You are right, there is something weird and wonderful about British humour!  I am glad that you liked some of them – they certainly do make me laugh!  

      Happy Holidays

      Kind regards,


  4. Christmas sweaters, especially ugly and now naughty ones, are the best! From your selections I like the black cat, lol, and the I Can Get You On The Naughty List sweaters. I think these will make for perfect gifts and I have saved your post for when it’s soon time to order. Great site and keep up the good work!

    1. Hello Pentrental!

      I am so glad that you also like ugly and naughty Christmas sweaters!  They certainly put me in an even better mood over the holidays.

      I am delighted that you will be wearing one over the Christmas holidays! Have fun, be naughty and have a wonderful relaxing time with friends and family

      Kind regards


  5. Yay, this is just beautiful, to see that I can really make something off this very nice looking jumpers. They all look very nice with some funny inscriptions. I think I will buy these very nice products not just for me but for my friends too. I like that you can give all the full details of the jumpers. Thank you very much.

    1. Dearest Henderson.

      I am so happy that you liked the jumpers, they always make Christmas extra naughty and a lot of fun.  I would love to know which ones you have chosen!

      Have a fantastic time.

      Kind regards,


  6. WOW, I like the Jumpers very much!  You chose the best collection of Christmas jumpers!  It makes me very happy. In my friend’s house, there is only Christmas jumper, so now that can change! We bought it as a secret Santa present for my sister.  When i saw your article,  it made me gain additional knowledge about Novelty Christmas Jumpers.  And personally, I love it. Thanks for giving me the recommended information. Your friend Yoge.

    1. Dearest Yoge,

      I also love Christmas jumpers.  They are fun and always gets everyone in the mood for a naught and fun filled Christmas.  I am sure that your sister will be thrilled with hers.

      If you get one too, please let me know which one you choose!

      Kind regards,


  7. This is absolutely the perfect gift for the holiday season. It’s not Christmas without a Christmas jumper, right? Ranging from novelty designs to pretty festive knits, i believe that there’s nothing we love more that getting a new Christmas jumper and wearing it throughout the festive season. So getting this as a present for myself is a lovely feeling.. Where can I get myself one?

    1. Hello Jennifer!

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. Christmas is not Christmas without a jumper!  

      If you click on the links on the article, you will navigate to the relevant page.  There are good deals on at the moment, so please do not miss out.

      Let me know which one you have chosen, I can’t wait to hear!

      Happy holidays,


  8. Many Western festivals are also welcome in China. Christmas is one of them. Christmas Eve has an especially good meaning, so many people exchange apples as Christmas gifts in my country, Apples symbolise peace and happiness. I have never experienced an authentic Christmas with such intriguing gifts such as your advent calendar.  I would gladly exchange the apple for a Lelo!

    1. Dearest JealousLi

      Thank you so much for visiting Love Yourself website, and giving me a very interesting insight to the Chinese Christmas celebrations.  

      I hope you have a wonderful, naughty and fun filled holiday festive period!

      Kind regards,


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