Stunning Sexy Stocking Fillers – Ideas For Her

So, are you still scratching your heads desperately trying to figure out what you can get the love of your life for Christmas? Well, you certainly have come to the right place! Not only will you make her the happiest woman on the planet, but you too are going to get pleasure from these gifts. A complete win-win situation!

Christmas Stocking fillers ideas for her


Christmas is certainly one of the most gorgeous holidays of the year! It is a time where we all love to dress up for an evening out and definitely down for an intimate evening in! So, what better present than the beautiful and sexy lingerie range from My Sensual Secrets. A present for you both!

Sexy Lingerie

The two piece Hollywood Chemise and G-String set is made out of silky smooth microfiber with lace. This retro-inspired lingerie set certainly will take her back to the sexy Hollywood’s Golden Era. It has detachable garters, which will let her wear with it her favorite thigh highs. (Please note that the thigh-highs are not included). It has a shiny black center bow and comes with matching black & red g-string. Two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large

So, what are you waiting for, kick start your festivities off with a sexy night in!


That tingling sensation – depending on the setting of your remote of course! You cannot possibly go wrong with the Astrea II Remote Vibrating Thong!

Vibrating panties

I am not sure if you have seen the Astrea II Remote Vibrating Thong advertised on television, but if you have not, well you have certainly been missing out. This stunning vibrating thong has been shown on the Dr. Laura Berman Show, the Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr Oz Show! The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection, has been designed by women, for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need!

It comes in sensual colours, ergonomic designs and has superior quality. It has been designed and made out of beautiful stretch lace. They are incredibly comfortable and ultimately sexy. It is an incredibly quiet, yet powerful device. It, of course, comes in discrete packaging,

How does this phenomenal device work? It is a remote controlled vibrating thong, and provides discrete hands-free stimulation. The mini-remote stimulator is contoured, compact, and removable. The remote control has a 12 feet 4 meter range, so there is plenty of fun to be had – especially if she is daring enough to wear it on a night out and you have the control in your pocket! The excitement is incredible!


This gorgeous Fifty Shades Cherished Collection is definitely something to add to her Christmas stocking filler list! This erotic blindfold, is styled like a fitted mask for deluxe sensory heightening. The ornate buckle in rose-gold metal complements the dark purple leather. There is a wide choice of holes in the supple strap, which certainly makes mask a comfortable fit for most sizes.

Fifty Shades Cherished Collection Leather Blindfold

This exquisite gift comes in a luxurious envelope-style velveteen bag with an embossed leather collection tag. A gift to certainly spice up your sex life.


For me, there is nothing quite like getting a massage from my lover. I love the intimacy, the healing touch of warm hands on my body, that glorious feeling of being able to relax completely and to have that feeling of your stress knots being kneaded away – it is pure heaven for me.

Of course, I absolutely love a wonderful massage oil for the perfect evening.

Sensual Oils

My Sensual Secrets, offers a magnificent range of massage oils called Intimate Earth for you and your partner. By adding a splash of one of these nourishing massage oils to your sessions, it not only banishes friction, but enhances the smoothness to your hands-on endeavors! Intimate Earth is an all-natural aromatherapy enriched Massage Oil to body care purists and massage aficionados. Packed with certified organic extracts of sunflower seed, lemongrass, gojiberry and aloe leaf along with indulgent sweet almond and coconut oils,

The aroma is exquisite, and once applied, it will continue moisturising the skin for hours afterwards. Indulge her and yourself with these great oils.


The We-Vibe Touch massager is absolutely exquisite and will possibly be one of the best presents ever that you can give her.

We vibe touch

This sensual massager has a specially designed rounded tip for an ultra-thrilling spot-on contact! It certainly hits the right spots to bring unimaginable pleasure. The super sensual pleasure wave shape caresses all the right places in all the right ways. Please do not be fooled by its gentle gorgeously sculpted soft-to-the-touch exterior! The We-Vibe Touch packs a powerful and satisfying rumble. Oooh la la!

It is, of course, waterproof, rechargeable and long-lasting – up to 2 hours of fun on a single charge and, more importantly, a rapid charge for wherever you are. This little gasm gadget delivers a range of vibration modes and power levels that you can play with, to satisfy your every desire.

The We-Vibe Touch is encased in 100% medical-grade platinum silicone, designed and crafted to strict health and consumer safety standards and is environmentally friendly.


Ever wondered why women are always going to the “ladies” so frequently? Yes, it is certainly to touch up on the make-up and apply a bit of lipstick. A lipstick with a twist of course!

Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick

This Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick is incredibly fun!

These mini vibrators are perfect for travel as they are compact and portable. But, do not let the size fool you. They are super powered, discrete and certainly can get away with looking lip ordinary lip balm!

The Screaming O has an ultra soft and squishy tip. The massager gives intense targeted vibrations, and thankfully very quietly! The only thing that may not be quiet is her, but who can blame her!

This fun, fabulous and incredibly sexy gift is the perfect stocking fillers gift!


I can guarantee that if the love of your life finds any, let alone ALL of these in her Christmas sock, you are going to be an incredibly lucky person!

We do not want chocolate reindeer, marzipan biscuits or make-up in our Christmas Stockings! Please give us a festive season to remember, and believe me, it will be one that you will not soon forget either!

I would love to know what you think your partners would like and what you plan to get her!




8 Replies to “Stunning Sexy Stocking Fillers – Ideas For Her”

  1. Dear Renée, I want the Fifty Shades Cherish Collection! I will have to become a strategist in order to have this offered to me! I won’t let you know the tricks I will use, though, but I will let you know how it worked for me! It will surely involve a scent of Intimate Earth, if you see what I mean…By the way, I was not aware of the fact that a simple lipstick…was not a simple lipstick!

    1. Hello Purdey!  Great choice for gifts.  The Fifty shades is gorgeous.  On the inside (the part that goes over your eyes) is faux fur, so it is all soft and feels gorgeous on the skin!  Another great choice is the massage oils.  There are even edible massage oils!   Super sexy!

      The lipstick – everyone is going to know our secret of having to go to the ladies so frequently now!

      See you again soon


  2. Hi! Great article.  I love everything you wrote in your article. Every piece mentioned would be the perfect gift for my wife –  and for me of course.  Everybody loves sex right? But, those vibrating thongs seem to be the best option for a gift. I have saved your website, I think it is awesome to talk about sex and share knowledge and experiences. A few years ago I went to sex shop for the first time, and it felt so awkward because I had no idea what I wanted to get for my wife.  The woman at the counter smiled at me because I was so confused. Keep up the good work, I will check your articles. 


    Primoz P.

    1. Dearest Primoz,

      Thank you for your great comments. I am delighted that you liked the Stocking Fillers Ideas for your wife – she will be very happy with them I am sure!

      I hope that the outlook and attitude towards having sex is changing and hopefully that it will no longer be a taboo.

      Enjoy shopping and have a fun filled, loving and very naughty christmas!

      See you again soon


  3. Hello Renée

    This is a very nice article.  I already have a range of exotic massage oils but, thankfully your review saves me a lot of time in the choice of the sexy gift that I will give to my partner.   I just have a little apprehension on the vibrating thong.  I think that for this time we will do less risk and just stick to the collection of lipstick to make it more erotic. 


    Moi Moi

    1. Hello Moi Moi

      Thank you for visiting Love Yourself and for giving me your comments.  I think the lipstick is a great choice for your partner!  The vibrating thong is very safe, so you have nothing to worry about!  Perhaps for another time!

      Have a fantastic, relaxing festive holiday

      Kind regards,


  4. This is a great idea! I usually spend so much time figuring out what to put in the kids stockings and doing so much for them around Christmas time, that this is a great way to focus on my wife. Thank you so much for the idea. Christmas is a time where we all love to dress up for an evening out and definitely down for an intimate evening in. We have to be happy on Christmas day

    1. Dearest Ruby

      I am glad that you have been inspired by the Stocking Filler ideas!  Yes, I agree, we are so frantically running around and organising the kids’ lists for Santa that we sometimes forget about ourselves!

      I hope you have a fabulously wonderful loving Christmas

      Happy holidays


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