Tips On How Avoid Christmas Stress!

It will not be not long until we will hear the hooves of Father Christmas’ reindeer prancing and dancing around on our rooves! I love it! But, until the evening of the 24th is upon us, there are still the obligatory office Christmas parties to attend, final last minute shopping for presents to be bought, end-of-year dinners with friends to be had, and notably, family time has started to take centre stage! I am exhausted already!

During the festivities, it is all too easy to let your sex life slip on the backburner! Nobody wants that! Fear not, I have tips to make sure that sex will be back on your Christmas list!

Pucker up everone!


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Getting Intimate With Coco de Mer – The Ultimate Act Of Pleasure

Coco de Mer or Sea Coconut – Mother Nature baring her finest, and certainly, sexiest pair of buttocks! Is it any wonder then, that British born Samantha “Sam” Roddick, aptly named her luxury lingerie and adult toys brand – Coco de Mer? Absolutely not, and, believe me, today you are in for an absolute treat with all the delights Coco de Mer has to offer!

Coco de Mer

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