Thanksgiving Celebration History – 5 Facts With A Sexy Twist

For those of you fabulous people living in Canada and the United States, Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the biggest holiday ever! It is a time for family, a time to give thanks for everything we have in our lives. I think it is a fantastic holiday.

But, did you know that Thanksgiving holiday has its roots deeply steeped in sensuality and sex? Yes, seriously. Most people do not know this, but, hopefully, this article enlighten you.

So, for this year’s holiday, I want to give you a five Thanksgiving celebration history facts – with a sexy twist, of course!

Are you ready? Let the countdown of facts begin:


When one thinks of Pilgrims, one may be inclined to think that they were puritanical – essentially a community of sexually repressed people. However, this is completely untrue!

Pilgrims actually openly praised sex within a marriage, as sex was considered a gift from God. And it is certainly a gift they made good use of! The proof is in the pumpkin pie pudding! Once they had landed in – what is known today as – New England, the population boomed. And when I say boomed, I mean that the population increased by more than thirty times in just 100 years. From 21,000 people to a whopping 700,000!

This next fact is the shocker: If a woman was not sexually satisfied with her husband, she could file for divorce. One out of every six divorces was the direct result of male impotence! I find that completely astonishing. If only those gentlemen could have got their hands on some of the magnificent toys that are available today, back then!


This holiday commemorates an age-old harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1621. But did you know that Thanksgiving was actually already being celebrated around the world, long before the Puritan’s time? Yes, it is true. The origins of Thanksgiving go way back, even before Christianity. Many worshiped fertility gods during the feasts at the harvest festivals by the Romans, the Celts, the Saxons and the Greeks!


Like all fabulous holidays, the meal is usually the best. Thanksgiving is certainly no exception and seems to be the highlight for most!

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but most food eaten at a traditional American Thanksgiving are delicious aphrodisiacs! Don’t believe me? Here are some of your favourite dishes:

Clams, oysters, muscles and scallops are part of your dinner, aren’t they? Well, (here comes the scientific part) in 2005 a group of American and Italian scientist found that the amino acids found in bivalves (the aforementioned shellfish) raise sexual hormone levels. I am not sure how many kilos of oysters or clams you will have to consume to get you in the mood, but the potential is certainly there!

A rather surprising vegetable said to increase the female sex drive is the modest sweet potato. I am still not sure about this one. A plate of mashed potato is not particularly sexy to look at (unless you have been presented with a dish in a gastronomic restaurant) and after a few bites all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Amercian Football. So that one is still out with the jury for me.

Here is a little something for all of you gentlemen. Again, studies have found that just the aroma of homemade pumpkin pie increases the blood flow to the penis by forty per cent! I am not surprised though, the smell is enough to put anyone in the mood that is for sure! Delicious!


Believe it or not, our more conservative forefathers and fore mothers treated Thanksgiving as a very sensual and sexy holiday. The nations Thanksgiving advertising campaigns were certainly bordering the raunchy side of this holiday. Women in the adverts were dressed very scantily, or they were dressed as rather sexy pilgrims, and not to mention the ‘naughty’ turkeys! Even, the infamous Marilyn Monroe assisted in getting the sizzle back into Thanksgiving Holiday. Have a look at these adverts! Didn’t expect that now, did you?


As the saying goes, the proof is normally in the pudding. However, this is an exception. The turkey is the proof! During the 19th Century – I can unfortunately not give you an exact date but, let just say, somewhere in the 19th Century – Americans introduced turkey to the Thanksgiving menu. I wonder if the English culinary queen, Nigella Lawson, was doing a cooking show then already? I can hear her talking seductively about the breast, thighs and stuffing of the turkey. Turkey as is, is not an aphrodisiac per se, but it can be when chefs start talking about it in “food porn” mode!

I wonder what pictures we would have seen if Instagram and Pinterest existed in those times!


Thanksgiving is certainly a time for family and loved ones. Take the holiday in your stride and enjoy all the rituals, food and company you keep. If you have a family like mine, a few disputes and heated discussions are inevitable during the course of the holiday period. But that is just part of who we are, a feisty and opinionated lot!

The one thing that I do make sure of though, is to wake up on Thanksgiving holiday and start off the celebrations by spoiling my partner, who I am very very grateful to and for!

Nothing like a fabulous breakfast of pancakes (dripping in honey or maple syrup) and coffee in bed to kick start the day. As it is essentially, for me, a holiday of fertility and harvest, I always pick out a special gift specifically to celebrate just that.

This year I have chosen Tenga’s Flip Zero (Electronic Vibration). This sleek and sexy little number is guaranteed to bring ultimate pleasure!

The Flip Zero is reusable, so it has to be cleaned thoroughly after use. And of course, ensure that you use plenty of lube for the best experience!

I wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.

I would love to hear what you are up to for you holiday.


12 Replies to “Thanksgiving Celebration History – 5 Facts With A Sexy Twist”

  1. Its a fact that Thanksgiving is a time for love to be shown and acquired amongst family and loves ones, it’s a very good thing to read about these 5 historical facts with a sexy twist, I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know or let me say I’ve misconcepted or had a wrong notion about. Thanks for sharing this informative article, Thanksgiving is definitely going to be fun and interesting.

    1. Dearest Wildecoll!

      I certainly hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was fun and interesting!  It is such an incredible time of the year.

      Hope to see you again soo

      Kind regards,


  2. Wow! so it is actually a turkey and not a pudding. Wow! and Im just discovering this right now. This is really funny to me right now. Also, I wish to thank you for sharing these facts with us all and I also consider giving an opportunity to trying out one of the beauties you have shared alongside too. 

    1. Dear Rodarrick,

      I always believed it was the pudding – my favourite part of any meal!  Thank you so much for visiting the site and I hope to see you back soon again.

      Happy holidays


  3. These are rather somewhat disturbing facts about thanksgiving. I had to go and check online to verify most of the information here that is when i believed them. This is really great and I commend you for your well researched post. this is both an eye enlightening and eye opener. Great post here

    1. Dearest Shelley,

      I am glad that you double-checked the facts.  I was also very surprised at the American Forefathers and mothers that is for sure!

      I hope you had a magnificent holiday.


  4. Thank  you for  your post. I never know the facts with sexy twist related to Thanksgiving celebration.

    I particularly like the Fact Number Five – Pilgrims. This may be important for the development of American history. Without openly praised sex within a marriage, there were no the population boomed in New England. Without population booming, it was hard to believe that there was rapid development in the region.

    Sex is a gift from God and it is certainly a gift we make good use of all time. In any generation and any time, we human being need to use this weapon to sustain the survival of our precious race.

    It is kind of you sharing the knowledge with us.

    1. Dearest Anthony,

      Thank you so much for visiting Love Yourself.  I am delighted that you found the article interesting and that I was able to shed a different light on the subject.

      I hope that you had a great holiday!

      Kind regards, Renée

  5. Hi Renee – what a fun post.  I’ve never heard or read such a description for Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.  It is a happy time and it’s so great to recognize and give thanks. While I’m enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner this year, I’ll be thinking of this post!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Dearest Nathaniel!

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the post.  I am glad that I was able to give another perspective on your wonderful holiday!  Have fun and hope to see you soon again!


  6. Hi Renée! Well, I confess I love the fact that male impotence was a cause for divorce. That’s hilarious! I hope lots of prenups were signed at the time. I also confess that I prefer my pancakes with Maple syrup. I ate a Thanksgiving lunch once near New York and I don’t know what the family cooked, but the turkey was dry and nothing about this meal was aphrodisiac at all. Your article reconciles me with Thanksgiving, though. I surely will give it another try!

    1. Hello Anso! I was also shocked at the reasons for divorce all of those years ago! Seems a bit ruthless, but I suppose they did not have all that we have today at their disposal.

      I cannot wait to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York one year. It seems like the perfect holiday for me. I think that there is an art to cooking Turkey, because admittedly, it is not one of my favourite meats either! i will have to get a true American to cook it for me one year!

      Happy Holidays!!


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