The Benefits of Sex Toys

This morning I walked down to my favourite beach café to meet up with a very good friend whom I hadn’t seen for some time. While I was sipping my macchiato and reading the paper, I happened to overhear two friends, sitting at a table adjacent to me, discussing the arrival of their latest pleasure devices.

Luxury vibrator

The excitement, the anticipation and pure delight of these two ladies was wonderful to witness. It made me smile. I wondered, too, if they actually realized that the benefits of sex toys go beyond just the pleasure factor. Yes, it’s true. The great news is that there are additional benefits – other than the obvious – for using your sex toys!


The overall sex toy industry is worth over an astonishing $15 Billion per annum. There is a reason for this! Many of you are thankfully making sure that you are fulfilling your sexual desires, needs and fantasies, whether alone, with a partner or more. More and more exciting products are launched, catering to all of our needs and consequently giving us endless options to reach our ultimate (multiple) orgasm. But, if for a moment, we go beyond the bounds of the pleasure factor, what would we discover about the psychological and physical benefits?


There has been a significant increase in women looking for assistance – either from their nurses, doctors or from their sex therapists – regarding specific health issues. Mainly menopause.

It has been found that using sex toys can help substantially with treating menopausal symptoms. According to Jo Divine (an ex nurse and now managing director of a sex toys company), using sex devices can relieve symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, vaginal pain and tightness, dryness, lack of arousal and low libido.

Have you possibly wondered why you are really “just not in the mood” or if you cannot climax? You will be relieved to know that there are possibly reasons for this. Some medications can also have a significant impact on our lack of libido and sexual function. This is relevant for both men and women.

medication affect on libido

Certain medications that are associated with cancer treatments, blood pressure, anti-depressants, antihistamines and  heart medication can wipe out your libido completely. It can get so low that even if your ultimate fantasy person was standing in front of you in a beautiful butt naked state, you would probably offer them a nice cup of tea and offer to watch the news!

We can NEVER let this happen, and we don’t have to. There is hope!

A certain doctor, Dr Stephanie de Giorgio, is a GP specializing in women’s health. She highly recommends the use of sex devices for certain women’s health issues. She observed that menopausal women who used vibrators or other sex toys aids, significantly improved their sleep patterns, and – gentlemen you really will never understand how uncomfortable this is for women – menopausal night sweats. In addition to this, the use of a slim internal vibrator with plenty of high quality lubricant, helps increase blood flow to the vaginal area, thus reducing symptoms of discomfort and dryness. Various vibrators can arouse different types of sexual stimulation, which can only be favorable for symptoms such as decreased sexual stimulation, the inability to have an orgasm or low sex drive.


I can already hear the sigh of relief that you do not have to experience menopause. Lucky devils! So, what are the benefits for you by using – what I love to refer to as – ‘Gasm Gadgets?

Prostate Massager

Using sex toys for prostate massage. Well, there is only good news here! The benefits of prostate massage are that you will encounter extremely powerful and long-lasting orgasms together with intense ejaculation. Of course, you can be stimulated externally, however, more direct and intense orgasm can be reached through anal stimulation. Before you shake your head and say no, let me tell you about the additional benefits:

It increases the flow of blood to the area, therefore, decrease the risk of prostate cancer by 22%. In addition to this, your overall stress is reduced, urinary and erectile problems are reduced, and better sleep after an intense orgasm. Not bad, eh?

If you do decide to use anal sex devices, we recommend that you use a water-based lubricant because it is compatible with all sex toy devices. It is very important to use lubricants because the internal skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Tenga Lubrication

Here are the perks of using toys for masturbation: during sexual activity, little feel good hormones are released – endorphins and dopamine – and they work together to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Masturbation can also assist in reducing premature ejaculation. The more you masturbate, the more in touch you become with your body, and the more you will be in touch with internal feelings and pressure. All you need to do is practice, practice, practice.

Men who masturbate will know their bodies, and if something does not “feel” right, are more likely to go to their GPs or sexual health clinic for a check up to make sure that everything is fine or to sort out the issue.

So there you have it. Great news for you gentlemen.


With such fabulous news all round, I thought you would be gone already – purchasing your new ‘Gasm gadget’ or grabbing your existing one! I am grateful that you are still here though. As noted, there are plenty of benefits for using sex toys – either on your own or with your partner. Perfect for sexual pleasure and, of course, as you have seen it is beneficial for physical as well has mental health. With all of us satisfied, healthier, happier and a lot less stressed, thing can only be better.

Please remember to Love Yourself, respect and be respected and have a tremendous amount of fun, love and laughter while doing it.


3 Replies to “The Benefits of Sex Toys”

  1. This is amazing information. I have never read anything like this before, it has really made me think. We are both in our mid 50s, we have children and grandchildren. As is fairly common (I guess) the “fire” has gone out quite a bit!
    I had never considered sex toys as a way of putting some zing back into life but the way your post has described things has really made me think about toys in a different way. Your post has also made me realise that these “gasm gadgets” are not just for youngsters, which has to be a good thing!

    Thank you – Mike

    1. Thank you very much for visiting Love Yourself and for your comment Mike. I am delighted to hear that the article has shed some light and perhaps a change of heart on the subject. Happy exploring and discovering. Renée

  2. Hi Renée. Well, first of all, you have revolutionized the way I see sex toys. I used to vaguely smile at them with embarrassment, but I understand now that they can be healthy companions. So, second: thank you very much for having changed my point of view. Looking forward to your next article. Purdey

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