Tips On How Avoid Christmas Stress!

It will not be not long until we will hear the hooves of Father Christmas’ reindeer prancing and dancing around on our rooves! I love it! But, until the evening of the 24th is upon us, there are still the obligatory office Christmas parties to attend, final last minute shopping for presents to be bought, end-of-year dinners with friends to be had, and notably, family time has started to take centre stage! I am exhausted already!

During the festivities, it is all too easy to let your sex life slip on the backburner! Nobody wants that! Fear not, I have tips to make sure that sex will be back on your Christmas list!

Pucker up everone!



Having sex during the festive holidays is, quite frankly, a tale of two sides of the same coin! On the one side, the Christmas period enjoys an incredibly high conception rate! How do we know this? Well, because a phenomenal amount of babies are born in September. In fact, it was so high at one stage, that a British midwife decided to tweet the British public last September, asking them to please stop having sex over Christmas because her maternity ward was simply stretched to the brink!

On the other side, however, the Christmas holidays can also throw a spanner in our romantic works! The majority of us travel off to family and usually have the joys of spending a few (but what feels like an eternity) days on either the fold-out couch, or we are relegated to a childhood bedroom. And, of course, Christmas is all about family, so the more the merrier is the yearly mantra. Not for me. Oh, I love Christmas, and I love my family, but I certainly love a bit of space and comfort too, make no mistake!

Avoid Christmas Stress

Stealing a bit of time alone with your lover in the midst of all of these celebrations can be, somewhat tricky, to say the least.

So, what should we do? Should we cave in, put sex on hold, and get 2020 off with a bang instead? No, not necessarily. I will tell you why sex is a great way to beat holiday stress. Plus, I will give you my tips for a happy sex life over the holidays.


Having sex has so many benefits! Other than giving you a better night’s sleep, relieving stress, reducing your blood pressure and releasing your love hormone, having sex just feels downright orgasmic!

So, if you find yourself in a position where are in need of some well-deserved stress relief but are finding yourself growing frustrated with a lack of opportunities for amorous encounters over the holidays, look no further! Here are my tips to get your sex life off to a good start this Christmas.


My partner and I love snuggling up on the couch together – yes, initially with the rest of the family around us too – to watch a Christmassy movie. Something cheesy, something romantic and something heartwarming. Fingers crossed, the rest of the family will slowly but surely start making their way to bed, which will leave you space and time for a bit of intimacy.

I completely understand that if the couch in the lounge is your “bed”, the chances of you getting down and dirty will be slim to none. But I have a plan B up my sleeve, so have no fear!


I do not know why going for a long walk is so appealing. But that is just me. Thankfully, it seems to be the thing to do over the Christmas holidays. So grab that opportunity! Eyeball your partner and make it clear that you do not want to go for a walk with the rest of the family to get rid of those excess calories that you have accumulated over the past few days. There is a much better way of staying in shape, especially if you have the house all to yourselves.

I would even be so generous as to “buy a round” for the family at the pub to make sure that you have extra time for a bit of Christmas fun and frolics under the mistletoe!

Christmas fun and frolics

Okay, what if the family, like me, are not really keen on talking walks either? Obviously I know my family well, as I am sure you do yours, so I would have planned well ahead of time!

I usually plan this well in advance to get the best possible deal. I book one night in a hotel – and say it is a “secret Santa” surprise! This way I get to spend a fabulous and erotic evening alone with my partner without any drama! It is pure heaven, and it is something I would highly recommend.


Keep your Christmas fun and exciting! I will, for example, keep my fabulous vibrating lipstick handy. My partner will certainly know that if I grab my handbag to “powder my nose” that I will be up to no good in the bathroom. This of course will drive them crazy!

Alternatively, my partner can choose the day that I wear my vibrating thong and, of course, he will have the remote control. I will completely be at his mercy! It can make the day incredibly fun and exciting. You soon find that the sexual tension builds to a stage where you need to have your partner immediately! You will certainly find some privacy somewhere, I can guarantee that!


I know that Christmas can sometimes be stressful, but I really hope that you have a fantastic holiday with your friends and family. I hope that these tips will alleviate some of your stresses and strains, and that you manage to spend a really fun and happy holiday playing games, watching DVDs and sometimes finding the time to be incredibly naughty!

I would love to hear what you have planned for your holidays and hear what tips you have to avoid Christmas stress!








2 Replies to “Tips On How Avoid Christmas Stress!”

  1. Once again, thank you so much for the great post!  This Christmas season has been terribly stressful for both my wife and me, now that we have two kids to shop and care for.  We hardly ever take a break to be alone together, and not be working on the holidays.  I know that having some intimate alone time is a good way to relieve stress, it’s just about finding that time.  Perhaps we can wake up early one morning, or stay up later one night after our kids go to bed.  Thanks for the reminder though!  We often forget that in the business of the season!

    1. Dearest Jessie,

      What an absolute delight to see you here again.  I am glad that you found the article interesting, and hopefully some of the tips will ensure that you have a very naughty Christmas!

      Have fun

      Kind regards,


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