Top 5 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

The Christmas countdown clock is rapidly ticking along. This year I have decided to make a change. I have finally made a move to be organised, and not leave all of my Christmas shopping until the very last minute – which usually involves me running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve! It is far too stressful!

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

I have even made arrangements with Santa to pop a few treats into the Christmas stocking labelled “My Favourite Elf” late on the evening of the 24th. I like to stay up until midnight (obviously to see if I can meet Santa in person), but also to start my Christmas off with the love of my life. Just the two of us, and certainly for his eyes only!

As I have done all of the hard work of shopping around for the ideal gifts, you can sit back, relax, kick your feet up and have a look at the fabulous treats I have in store for you. You do not even have to move from your chair. If you like what you see, just click the image, purchase it, and it will wing its way to you via Santa’s sleigh! Yes, I have thought of everything!

Here goes! Here is the list that I have given Santa.


These fabulous and colour boxer shorts are the perfect stocking fillers to unleash the naughty beast within! For fun and frolics, these super cool boxer shorts will certainly get you in the mood for a fun filled evening of loving!

Sexy fun Boxers

  • They have an elasticated waist-band for comfort
  • They are made from a cotton blend
  • They are machine washable – a low temperature of 30 degrees
  • They are available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


He will be absolutely thrilled with this gift – the WLDDA Mastrobartor for men. It shows that you are confident and comfortable within your relationship. This is ideal if either of you have to travel frequently for work, which means time apart. The wonderful thing about this gasm gadget is that you can video call each other and still feel intimate!

WLDDA Mastrobartor

The WLDDA is the latest gadget for masturbation for men. It offers the following mind-blowing options:

  • 10 Pulse modes and vibration settings and gives a real sense of oral sex
  • It has the ability to give the sensation of licking, vibration, rewind and absorb to give him the ultimate orgasmic experience
  • The adult pleasure toy is made from soft and flexible silicone. Designed with oral passage inner structure and memory silicone, perfect size and shape that gently kiss and lick her penis, simulated female orgasm .

Do not worry, though, ladies, nothing will every replace YOUR touch!


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, you have 6 choices in the is fabulous pack of Tenga Masturbation Eggs! Each one as orgasmic as the next! So whether you like your eggs to be Wavy, Boxy, Brush, Tornado, Sphere or Silky, you cannot go wrong these beauties. Unfortunately the chicken that lays these eggs is not for sale. But you can certainly purchase these little gasm gadgets are an egg-cellent price if you hurry!

Six pack Tenga Eggs


Finding this in his Christmas Stocking will hopefully be a delightful surprise! It feels incredibly sexy and unleashes a subtle confidence when wearing this! You will soon have him purring with delight! Nothing sexier than a feline strutting her stuff! Go on ladies, go wild!

Bad Kitten Leather Cat Mask

  • The Bad Kitten Leather Cat Mask is made from leather.
  • It has an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.
  • It has sexy metal studs.
  • It is downright gorgeous!


I absolutely love cosy nights in with my lover. Whether we snuggle up and watch a movie, play an Italian card game aptly named Scopa or play a super sexy board game like Sex Memory Game, what is certainly guaranteed is a night of laughter and loving! I recently purchased this Sex Memory Game, and believe me it is really good fun!

`Naughty Sex memory board game

  • This is a particularly naughty sex board game for adults and couples to not only spice up your sex life, but will certainly reignite your sex life that’s become routine
  • The great thing about games like these are that they are a great choice to try things that have been forgotten or never even thought of!
  • This couple sex card game has simple rules. But who likes simple? It can also be used as kinky, erotic and naughty sex coupons. Ooooh la la!
  • These erotic playing cards come with fantasy-inducing sexy pictures. So they are ideal for great foreplay games and, of course, for outstanding sex.
  • If you are looking to spoil yourselves for Christmas with sex gifts for couples then this erotic sex memory card game will be perfect for him and her!


Kick your Christmas off to a fabulous start by spending a wonderful evening with the love of your life. It is gorgeous to be able to wish your gorgeous partner a “Merry Christmas” while standing under the mistletoe – strategically placed – whereever that may be!

While it is just the two of you, perhaps you can pop open a bottle of champagne – do not forget the glass of milk and cookies for Santa of course! But, this is the perfect time to reveal your Sexy Christmas Stockings to your partner, especially if this is the first time you are surprising him. I can guarantee you that he will absolutely love it!

Oh, do not worry, you will not be left out, because my next article is what he should be getting for your Christmas stocking! And believe me, you are in for an absolute treat! I will not be dropping subtle hints, I will tell him what you will love and, quite frankly, what he has to get you! All the essentials!

Have a fantastic time shopping, and please let me know which surprises you have chosen!









12 Replies to “Top 5 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Him”

  1. Hi Renée, well, you made my day! I no longer need to wonder what to get my partner for Christmas, it’s all there! And we’ll start with the Sex Memory Game, which should lead to the use of the other toys, hopefully! Thanks a lot, it is always delightful to read you. Anso

    1. Hello Anso! I am so glad that you liked the ideas. The Sex Memory is great, and as you rightly said, can certainly lead on to a very interesting evening!

      I hope you have fun shopping, and that you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas!

      Kind regards,

  2. Festive greetings to you!  This is a very nice and informative article you have here.  I think it would be of great help to everyone out there,  as it has been of help to me!  I have been looking for some ideas for Christmas stocking fillers and I think I have found them. Thanks once again.

    1. Dear Jeji Ben

      Thank you so much for visiting Love Yourself and for your comments.  I am delighted that you have found some stocking fillers for your partner!

      I hope you have a fun filled and loving holiday!

      Kind regards


  3. Thank you for giving some hints to having a fun night on Christmas after the kids go to bed. I like the cat mask and the second game. Put those to things together and we might have to see 9 months down the line if we have another present from this past Christmas.

    1. Dear Mahasin!

      A lot of couples get September babies after having had a very romantic Christmas!  And who can blame them, it is a fabulous time of the year!

      I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled and loving Christmas

      Kind regards


  4. Hi Renee – boy, what a fun post!  I must say that these are some pretty interesting gifts.  Amazon really has everything!!  The boxers are hysterical!  And the Mastrobator..I didn’t know such a thing existed!  I’m not sure Santa’s sleigh can deliver these gifts as they’ll melt all the snow!

    Thanks for this experience!

    1. Dear Nathaniel

      You are hilarious!  Um, sorry Christmas is cancelled due to melted snow!  Global warming?  No, Santa was carrying some rather “hot” gifts to Nathaniel! I am so glad that you like the post.  I absolutely LOVE the boxers, they are such fun!  It is a complete wonder as to what gets sold on the web, that is for sure!  

      Have a wonderful holiday

      Kind regards, 


  5. Yours is the first website I’ve seen of its kind. I think it’s awesome ! Good to know there are other reputable and reasonable places to choose other than Pure Romance. 

    Will definitely be keeping these in mind in the future

    Some products from other companies tend to not last very long, especially the rechargeable ones. Are the items you mention rechargeable? Do they last longer?

    1. Dearest Jessie,

      I am delighted that you like the website and that you will be keeping this in mind for the future.  To answer you question, yes, these rechargeable gasm gadgets do last much longer!  Lelo products especially.  They are gorgeous in every way!

      I hope you have a stunning festive holiday filled with all delightful things.

      Kind regards,


  6. Your post is hilarious. i took note of the gadget for masturbation for men. i can only imagine Santa’s reaction if he was to deliver a present like that himself and i was to open it immediately, the reaction look on my face would be priceless!. Anyway, this is a great post. Ii have been able to narrow down some items that i can get for this Christmas season. thank you for the post.

    1. Dearest Daren!  I would love a photo of Santa handing you the gasm gadget for men when you open the present!  I think it would go viral!  I sincerely hope that you are on Santa’s naughty list this year!  He might just surprise you.

      Have a fantastic holiday season.  Make it fun, filled with love and extremely naughty!

      Kind regards, 


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