Who Has the Best Black Friday Deals? Here Are My Top 5 Sexy Sizzlers!

Mark your calendars for the weekend of Friday the 29th of November 2019!  This year is going to be a fantasic Black Friday, and, of course, Cyber Monday!  This year you definitely want to be on Santa’s very naughty list, because my favourite Adult Pleasure Toy Shops are having magnificent deals!  So get your wallets, credit cards and bank cards ready because you really do not want to miss out on these super saving deals!

Who has the best black friday deals?

There is something so satisfying about getting your hands on a fantastic deal!  Every year I wait for the infamous sales weekend. So, let’s get ready and have a look at who has the Best Black Friday Deals in 2019!  


I do not want to freak you out, but did you know that there are only 6 more Mondays until Christmas? Don’t reach out for the Eggnog just yet, let’s get shopping first – for ourselves!  Just to get into the spirit of things.  And because, let’s face it, Christmas can be an incredibly stressful and tiresome holiday, so we certainly deserve a little present for ourselves to kickstart the festive season!


The season for giving is once again upon us, which means:  The dreaded Secret Santa at the office – this is really a part of Christmas which I wish would be scrapped – permanently.  Receiving a mug in the shape of a toilet, or a T-shirt stating that this is probably the worst secret santa gift of 2019 really does not fill me with joy.  The Christmas party invitations are being sent out, so inevitably a new outfit is needed, because if my colleagues see me in the same Elf outfit again as the previous 2 years, I think I will be fired!  Then making travelling arrangements to trek around the globe to be with our loved ones (loved until a family dispute erupts and then the cursing of Santa really begins) and needless to say we are all given in abundance, the gift that just keeps on giving:  STRESS!

But, there is one way of beating the holiday stress!  What is that, you may ask? SEX, of course.  Yes, it is true!  Did you know that the majority of babies are concieved in December – more than any other month of the year?  Understandably because it really is such a stunning time of the year.  And for me, it has become especially wonderful now that I am living in a colder country.  There are gorgeous decorations, fire-places full of burning logs, the wrapping of Christmas presents late at night, and if we are lucky enough, a dusting of snow!  I freaking love it.  It is cosy and romantic, so definitely the perfect time to relax and snuggle up with my lover!

sexy season


Spending Christmas with your parents and siblings certainly does not have to rule out having sex!  Make sure that the lock on the bedroom door works though!  And we all know how parents can be, as soon as you leave the room a ‘neediness’ tends to kick in – they want to know where you are and what you are doing!  Well, that is the case in my family anyway.

If you think that you are going to be able to lie for hours in bed making passionate love to your partner over the Christmas holidays with a house packed full of family, think again! The trick about having sex during the festive season is to keep it exciting, quick and erotic!  If the family hears some noise coming from upstairs – well, surely they know that Santa and his reindeer are making their deliveries – and seriously, how quiet can 10 reindeer on the roof be?  Of course they are going to be making a lot of noise!  

So this year, how about making a naughty sexy gift list for your partner’s eyes only — sorry, for Santa of course.  Data shows that a quarter of couples use sex toys during the holidays!   So, go ahead and give the gift of pleasure.


From LELO’s fun and funky sister-brand PicoBong comes the app-controlled ring vibe of your dreams – LIFEGUARD.  The Lifeguard is a stretchy silicone couples’ ring – accommodating all sizes.  It gives mind-blowing pleasure and intense external vibrations to both partners. There are 6 different vibration modes and has variable power which you can control 
remotely.  It is really the perfect gift for the holiday season!  The price is perfect at €29-00 instead of €99-00!  Do not miss out on this one!

Couples sex toy cock ring

Or, how about the Picabong KIKI 2 by Lelo!  The Kiki 2 has the ultimate flattened tip perfected for precise clitoral stimulation!  It is the ideal, teasing all-rounder!  It is fantastic for anyone who wants QUIET, yet powerful pleasure!  Another great saving!   THE KIKI 2 IS ONLY €20-00   – a fabulous saving of 50%.

Clitoral stimulator by lelo


Make his festive holiday utterly pleasurable for him with these unique Tenga Eggs Range designed by Keith Haring!  These funky self-pleasuring eggs will bring him utter delight and he will be eternally grateful to you!  There is something exquisitely erotic about watching your partner pleasuring themselves, and believe me you will reap the benefits afterwards!  It is hot and it is a huge turn on.Masturbation Eggs by keith herring

These adult pleasure toys are yours for £21-95 instead of £29-97!  An absolute bargain.  And on this occasion, it certainly is recommended to put all your eggs in one basket!


Slipping into beautiful lingerie is not only a gorgeous feeling for yourself, but will certainly be an early Christmas present for your partner.  My Sensual Secrets offers a stunning range of lingerie for every occasion and at exceptional prices at the moment!  Why not slip into your sexy outfit, before handing your partner ‘for their eyes only’ gifts – the ones you do not want to put under the Christmas Tree for all to see!  It will definitely be a night to remember.

Save 10% Off Sitewide at MySensualSecrets.com! Free Shipping over $49!


The festive season can get get pretty mundane and the likelihood of “cabin fever” setting in is pretty high!  There are so many walks you can take with the dog, so many conversations you can have until the tension starts setting in.  So, why not take along an erotic boardgame for you and your lover to play while the rest of the family are watching the Wizard of Oz or Police Academy 22 for the umpteenth time!

Erotic Boardgames

Monogamy is available from Amazon at the great price of €16-45 and will certainly give your holidays an added sexy twist! You will love it!  There is something so delicious about being naughty!


I hope these gifts have given you a few ideas on how to make your holidays sexy and fun – it does not have to be a stressful time!  

Despite the inevitable dispute and argument with the family, there is something incredibly comforting being with family over Christmas.  That is the case for me, I realise not for everyone.

Have a fantastic time shopping, picking and choosing your favourite stocking fillers!

I would love to hear what you have picked, so please drop me a line!













6 Replies to “Who Has the Best Black Friday Deals? Here Are My Top 5 Sexy Sizzlers!”

  1. Those are some very interesting ideas for stocking stuffers lol, giggity. I like the idea of sexy Christmas gifts but I would need to be very careful whose stocking I stuffed it into.. 😉 I think the adult board game is my favorite item on your list, and great to know it will soon be on sale for Black Friday. Fun list and thanks for the spicy gift ideas! 

    1. Hahahahahah, you are so right Riverdogg!  Just my luck I would put the gift in the wrong stocking too!  I love the board game, it is such fun!

      Enjoy shopping, and thank you for visiting Love Yourself.


  2. A lot of people wait for a whole year until November before they make their choice purchases so that they can enjoy the juicy deals that are offered on Black Friday. Both physical retail stores as well as online mega stores offer various kinds of products with huge discounts on Black Friday. I look to get a little freaky with my husband and I’ll be making purchases of several lingerie during black Friday that’ll get his blood running fast.

    1. Hello Amanda,

      It is such a fabulous time to shop isn’t it!  Your husband will be delighted, I am sure, with your new bought lingerie!  Have loads of fun!

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Renée! Well, these sales are phenomenal! I love Black Friday! I think all the sex toys you recommend are beautiful and thus, I want all of them! But patience and pleasure go hand in hand, so I will choose the Picabong Kiki 2 by LELO! By the way, do you know that in French, the other name of the willy is kiki? You are so naughty! 

    1. Oh Purdey, you do bring a smile to my face!  The Kiki is a fabulous adult pleasure toy, so I am sure that you will love it.  Thank you so much for your translation of the word Kiki into French!  It is true, you truly are the most romantic nation on the planet!

      See you soon


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